Nail Trimming For Pet Cats -- Clipping Tips

Do you include nail clipping as part of the regular grooming regimen for your beloved cat? Your furry feline friend would benefit from the clipping of nails at least once on a monthly basis so that its nails can stay in an ideal and not-so-long state (it must stay blunt as much as possible). If a family member or relative can help you hold the cat for you, it would be easier to clip the nails. Your grooming or nail clipping "assistant" can put the cat on his or her lap while you do your work. Be careful because some cats hate getting their nails clipped. In this case, you need to restrain him or her so you can clip the nails a lot easier. It is really important to note here that you need to avoid the "quick" while clipping your cat's nails. The quick is the pink, triangular area that consists of blood vessels and nerves.

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