Top Reasons to Keep Hairless Cats Indoors

Are you aware that the hair coat of cats plays a really vital role in keeping the cat's body temperature at an ideal level? You might know that some cats are "hairless" and have a really scant amount of hair in them, but their body has evolved to have a high rate of metabolism to satisfy the vital physiological function of having an ideal body temperature. This also means that, unlike many cats, hairless cats must consume high-quality cat food daily so they can satisfy their body's specific energy requirements. All hairless cats must stay inside the house 24/7 or all the time because they will be more vulnerable to the harsh weather outside. It won't be surprising to find them experience frostbite or sunburn if they try to go outdoors. They would also be at risk of getting a lot of insect bites.

Signs of illness should warrant an appointment with your veterinarian Carmel Valley.


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