Why You Should Keep Your Cat's Litter Box Clean

Keeping your cat’s litter box clean is essential if you want your pet to use it consistently. Felines are very particular when it comes to litter boxes. Once they dislike their litter box, they are most likely to urinate and defecate somewhere else. A smelly litter box is one primary reason why a cat avoids using it. Cats have a very acute sense of smell attributed to their unique olfactory system. They have more scent receptors than dogs and humans, which makes them distinguish different kinds of scents. A stinking and untidy litter box can drive your cat away. As such, it is crucial always to clean your cat’s litter box to make it odor-free. Remove clumps right away and always wash the box thoroughly. However, if your cat persistently avoids using the box, it is best to contact your veterinarian Bucks County, PA for advice. There might be other reasons for your pet’s behavior apart from a poorly-maintained litter box.


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