The Manx

Have you heard of the Manx cat breed? Have you heard of cats that are actually born without tails? If so then you may have heard about the Manx. The Manx is a breed of domestic cat that came about on the Isle of Man. These particular cats are often born with short tails or stubs where their tail should be. Most often; however, the Manx cat is born without a tail. Aside from this, most Manx cats are seen as typical cats. They come in almost all color patterns, long hair and short hair, and are known as excellent hunters. Many farmers adopt the Manx as it is one of the better skilled breeds for hunting mice and other farm rodents. This particular cat makes an excellent outdoor cat as well as a great house cat as they are said to be very social, tame, and active. Learn more from your vets Wichita, KS.


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