The Belgian Mastiff

Have you heard of the Belgian Mastiff? He is a large and muscular dog  that was originally bred to be a work dog. Typically, the Belgian  Mastiff can grow to a height ranging between 27 and 32 inches. He can  weigh anywhere from 99 to 110 pounds. His coat requires very little  grooming and comes in colors such as red, brown-brindle, fawn, black  with dark markings or black with white patches. He is a strong athletic  dog. The Belgian Mastiff was bred to pull a cart for those who could not  afford horses. He was also used in the Belgian army to pull  heavy equipment. With this in mind, daily physical and mental exercise  is suggested to help keep your dog healthy and happy. If you’re  interested in this type of dog, it’s often suggested that you meet one  first. You can also call your animal hospital Valley Center, KS for  advice on owning a Belgian Mastiff. 

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