How to Take Care of Your Pet Rabbit’s Teeth

Have you been fascinated by the teeth of your pet rabbit all along? A rabbit is a lagomorph which means it has incisor teeth or front teeth that grow continuously throughout their lifetime. Because their incisor teeth are growing constantly, pet rabbits need to chew on fibrous food constantly too to prevent those teeth from growing so long. Unlike rodents that have two incisor teeth in the upper jaw, lagomorphs such as rabbits have four incisor teeth. Pet rabbits are nearly strictly an herbivore (eats plant material) and they are gifted with dental anatomy that is capable of efficiently chewing on roughage or fibrous foods. You can give your pet rabbit commercial rabbit pellets, but it is highly recommended that hay and grass would constitute a huge portion of your pet's diet daily. An all-rabbit pellet diet is not advisable.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s diet, talk to your vet Savannah GA


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