A Protective Breed - The Beauceron

The Beauceron breed of canine is known for his intelligence and love for games and interaction with people. The dog does exceptionally well with other dogs. Although he is a large breed that is not recommended for families with small children, he is a gentle breed that is extremely protective. His muscular build makes him a little too intimidating and strong for small children. However, women especially seem to be drawn to this canine’s disposition. In one moment the Beauceron is ready to receive love and care and in the next is ready to fight and protect no matter the consequences. The Beauceron is large yet graceful, rugged, muscular and extremely large. He is a dominant breed that is not recommended for first time owners as he needs consistent training. Once trained, this muscularly large breed can hold off a large crowd or a simpler burglar. For more information about this breed, talk with your Riverbend, ON veterinarian. Visit their site for additional details. 


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