Dog Swallowed a Penny

If you’re a dog owner then you’re probably aware of the way dogs like to chew on things and even lick them and eat them. It’s a way for dogs to explore objects, but it isn’t always safe. One of the more dangerous items to swallow is a penny. Why? Up until 1982, pennies were made primarily out of copper. In 1982; however, the government approved pennies to be made mostly out of zinc with a simple coating of copper to keep the penny “look.” Zinc is highly toxic to dogs. If your dog has swallowed a penny, please call your vet right away. It doesn’t take long for the copper to wash away exposing your dog to toxic levels of zinc. Symptoms may include vomiting and diarrhea, blood in urine, yellow mucous, liver and kidney failure, anemia, etc. X-rays are taken to identify the zinc and remove it. Fluids and intense supportive care then follow. Talk to your vet clinic Valley Center, KS if your dog swallows loose change. 


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