Addressing Obesity Issues In Cats

Has your cat been diagnosed with obesity during your last wellness checkup? If so, you need to take swift action to make the right changes to help your beloved cat. Obesity can make the life of your cat miserable, so you need to act now. You can follow the tips below so you can help your beloved furry feline friend lose weight so he or she can enjoy life more:

Reduce the daily calorie intake of your cat as soon as possible. Doing so would include reducing the food quantity as well as the types of food you give your beloved cat.

Switch to giving high-quality cat food as well as healthy treats to your cat. This ties in nicely with the previous tip about reducing caloric intake on a daily basis. You may consider giving him or her canned pet food in order to increase your cat's water intake.

Your veterinary clinic Chesapeake, VA is a valuable source of information about your pet’s health and nutrition.


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