Puppy Food vs. Adult Dog Formulas

You need to be committed to giving your beloved pet high-quality, life-stage-suited pet food so he can meet his body's caloric and nutritional needs regularly. It is also important to make a distinction between puppy pet food as well as adult pet food. Their respective formulas vary in a significant manner. Puppy pet foods are made to address the needs of puppies for growth and development. Puppies need more calories and nutrients than adult dogs because they are in the early and growth stages of their lives (for the development of their body's muscles, major organs, immune system, as well as bones). Puppy pet food is filled with 30 percent more vitamins, minerals, as well as proteins. A high amount of fat is also included in puppy pet food to address their energy needs. When it's time to do the switch from puppy to adult food, you should do it gradually.

Do consult your vet clinic Tipp City, OH before switching your pet to a new diet


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