Dental Disease in Pet Rabbits

Rabbit teeth may look very strong and sturdy, but are you aware that dental problems are also prevalent in pet rabbits? Gum and tooth problems are the most common dental problems in rabbits. Some of these dental problems in pet rabbits are temporary, preventable, treatable, while others can turn into lifelong health issues. Malocclusion or improper teeth alignment is one of the most typical dental issues in rabbits. When teeth don't grow properly, they won't get worn down in an even manner, and this in turn could bring about teeth overgrowth. Rabbit teeth develop and grow in a continuous manner, and that's why they need to munch on a lot of fibrous material (hay or grass). It is important to have proper dental management as well as dental visits to your preferred vet or the nearest pet clinic Ellicott City, MD on a regular basis so you can help reduce or eliminate the negative impact on the quality of life of your beloved pet rabbit.


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