Tips To Protect A Stray Cat During Winter

The freezing cold during winter can be especially harsh on stray cats, a good number of which freeze or starve to death because they have nowhere comfortable and warm to go. Food resources are also extremely limited during the winter months. If you have some stray cats around your home and you want to provide a place where they could live during these cold months, you can have a cat door in your garage. However, before letting any stray cats in, you should make sure that the garage is cat-proof. Any garage is filled with things that can be potentially harmful to cats. On top of the list is anti-freeze. Cats are especially drawn to this common vehicle coolant because it has a sweet smell and taste. But anti-freeze is extremely toxic to cats. If there are products that are used for lawn maintenance and gardening, these should be securely placed in a locked cabinet. 

You can also ask your veterinarian Matthews NC for more care tips for stray cats


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