Why Adequate Water Intake Is Important For Ill Pocket Pets

Is your beloved pocket pet (or pets) sick? You should make sure that they get enough water intake especially when they’re suffering from an underlying health issue. You can help encourage your sick pocket pet to drink a lot more water by putting some sugar or honey in the water. It is fairly common for pocket pets to get diarrhea which is more often than not an indication of an underlying health problem, and diarrhea can cause fluid loss or dehydration.

When your beloved pocket pet is sick, do not experiment with medication. You should bring your pocket pet to your preferred vet or the nearest animal clinic and only use medications and follow the right dosage that has been recommended by your veterinary clinic Thorold, ON. You can use an eyedropper or an oral syringe in giving the medication to your pocket pet. To administer, gently grasp and restrain the neck area so you can give the meds properly.


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