Wire Cage Housing For Pet Rats

Pet mice can be housed in wire cages equipped with a removable plastic base that can collect their wastes and serve as their litter. It’s better to get a multi-level wire cage with more space for them to explore and play. Just avoid cages that may be too tall which can cause your pet mice to fall from a height and get injured since they don’t necessarily have good eyesight or vision.

The minimum standard for an ideal-sized wire cage should measure 24 inches in length and 12 inches in width. Check the size of the openings in between wires first before finalizing your purchase to see if it’s designed for pet mice because if it’s too big, they can easily squeeze through the openings and break out of the cage. The opening or spaces should measure a quarter-inch or less.

Your pet’s paws have to be protected from the wire flooring which may cause them discomfort. The solution to simply lay cardboards, ceramic tiles, or vinyl over the wire flooring.

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