Reasons for Weight Gain in Cats

If you’ve owned a cat before or currently own a cat then you’re probably familiar with the fact that cats can gain weight pretty quick especially if we’re not paying attention to how much we feed them. Sometimes too much cat food or too many treats can cause the scales to tip in a not so flattering direction. If you think your cat is gaining weight, talk to your vet about a diet or lifestyle change. Some cat owners believe that if they spay or neuter their cat then their cat will automatically gain an excessive amount of weight. This, however, is not necessarily correct. Cats may gain weight after a surgical procedure, but they will not gain so much that it will cause obesity. Most weight gain comes from what we feed our cats. It’s important that we monitor what our cats eat in order to help them maintain their overall health and wellness. Learn more from your animal hospital Eau Claire, WI.


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