Protecting Your Pet From Flea And Ticks

Your pet cats and dogs are susceptible to tick and flea infestations every day and therefore, require pet owners to take a consistent vigilant approach in their preventive program all-year-round to protect your pets and eliminate the threat of an infestation. 

There are simple measures that pet owners should follow to ensure that their pets are tick and flea-free. Lifestyle and hygienic practices play key roles in preventing the condition. Where you’re residing can also be a risk factor for infestation. Veterinarians consider these factors when deciding on the best treatment option for your pet, especially those suffering from a heavy infestation. Products available in stores may not offer the best solution to eliminate fleas and ticks. Medications prescribed by a health professional are still the superior choice. 

There are a lot of products marketed that promise to solve your pet’s fleas and ticks infestation. You can choose from a variety of selections and select a product according to your preference. They usually come in the form of topicals such as powders, shampoo, sprays. You could also purchase a flea collar and let your pet wear one. These products are also available in oral, systemic, and cutaneous formulations. 

Make sure to take your pet to the veterinary clinic. Your veterinarian Plano, TX can better assess your pet’s parasite infestation and can prescribe the best medication and offer the best treatment option. Read more here.


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