Attention-Seeking Behaviors In Cats

If you share your life and home with a furball or two, you should know what lengths they would go just to get your attention. Cats love spending time with their humans. They may not be as socially demonstrative as dogs but they have their ways of seeking their owners’ attention. However, pet owners should learn to distinguish which behaviors are made to seek their attention and which ones are red flags of illness. 

Attention-seeking behaviors 

Does your cat annoy you with his wailing so you’d stop what you’re doing and play with him? Ignoring your furball will surely make him engage in more annoying tactics such as some paw swipes, louder whining and meowing, and what have you. Unfortunately, reinforcing your pet’s attention-seeking behaviors can make him realize that he could get your attention by doing them. Thus your kitty will continue to engage in these undesirable behaviors for your attention. When these behaviors are not nipped in the bud, in time, it could lead to a lot of headaches. 

However, there are instances when a cat’s distraught meowing could indicate the presence of an underlying health issue. Thus, sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should warrant an appointment with your veterinary hospital Kerrville TX. Click this website for additional information.


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