Why Your Pet Needs a Life Stage-Appropriate Diet

Each pet has specific nutritional needs that are ideally based on the specific life-stage to make the diet followed to be more accurate as well as effective. In other words, a puppy would have a vastly different set of nutritional needs compared to an adult or senior dog. So giving a puppy a diet for a senior dog would not work well (and may have adverse results) and vice versa. 

To be specific, the puppy stage is a life stage wherein the puppy needs a lot more calories as well as protein in order for it to grow and develop in an appropriate and healthy way. If you give a puppy a pet food or diet aimed for senior dogs, the puppy may have stunted growth or lack of enough energy, or worse, they may develop some preventable health issues. 

A sudden change in your pet’s appetite or dietary habits should require an appointment with your veterinary hospital Fredericksburg TX. 

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