Common Dog Phobias

Are you aware that dogs can experience fear and have phobias as well? A phobia is a form of anxiety disorder characterized by an abnormal fear of a situation or object. In the case of dogs, two of the phobias they have are fear of fireworks and thunder which are both related to their sense of hearing. 

Fear of fireworks 

We all know that dogs outrank humans when it comes to the sense of hearing. The hearing ability of dogs is a lot more versatile and sensitive than that of humans. The overly loud sounds of fireworks, whether near or far during fireworks or festive seasons like the New Year, really makes dogs shudder and run around in fear. 

Fear of thunder (or astraphobia) 

Another phobia of dogs related to hearing is fear of thunder or astraphobia. The really loud sounds of thunder make dogs tremble or hide somewhere enclosed.

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