The Cornish Rex

OK, so the Cornish Rex may either sound like a type of chicken or some type of dinosaur, but it’s actually a breed of feline. In fact, the Cornish Rex is a cute domesticated house cat with large ears and a small egg-shaped head. Some describe the Cornish Rex as having a Roman nose and a strong chin as well. This small yet grand cat is an extremely affectionate animal and very people oriented. The Cornish Rex is a wonderful companion cat that requires little grooming as her coat is made up of short hair that is relatively close to the body. She is an active and playful cat that acts much like a kitten well into adulthood. These cats may be small, but they are extremely muscular and enjoy an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for a loving and active cat then click here to learn more about this feline from your veterinarians Virginia Beach, VA. 


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