Close Fitting Shirts for Dogs

Did you know that dogs can be scared of the smallest of things? Sometimes dogs can be very fearful of loud noises like thunder or flashing bright lights like lightning. If this is the case for your dog then you may want to look for ways to help keep him calm. Some vets recommend close fitting garments such as the popular Thunder Shirt. The Thunder Shirt or other tight fitting garments are designed to apply gentle and constant pressure to your pet similar to the swaddling of an infant. This action creates a safe feeling of enclosure and comfort for your pup. The Thunder Shirt in particular is said to work 80% of the time in effectively calming your pup and keeping him calm. If you’re concerned about giving your dog any type of vet prescribed anxiety pills, you may want to talk to your vets Virginia Beach, VA about non-medical alternatives like the Thunder Shirt. 


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