Hamster Housing: Glass vs Modular Enclosures

Are you still undecided when it comes to buying the right cage for your beloved pet hamster? Doing enough research is important so you can find the best cage that will suit your hamster. Wire cages are common but you can consider plastic cages or glass cages too.

Glass cages or aquariums

Glass cages usually come with bedding. Since glass cages are fully enclosed on their sides, you won't have to worry about cleaning the surroundings of the cage because your hamster won't be able to kick the bedding outside of the cage (which happens really often in wire cages, for instance). Glass cages are also transparent, which means you would be able to monitor your hamster or whatever it is doing inside the cage.

Plastic cages

Plastic cages are usually modular in nature. This is helpful especially when you plan to add tunnels, wheels, burrows as well as other cage accessories.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or needs, talk to your veterinary clinic Salisbury, NC.


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