The Korat

If you’re looking for your first cat you may find several breeds to choose from, but one that should be at the top of your list is the Korat. This particular cat is the full package. He has a unique silver tipped blue coat that lays close to the skin. It doesn’t shed often and definitely doesn’t send fur floating into the air when he’s petted. Many with cat allergies find this breed tolerable. The Korat is an affectionate cat that loves to be around his person. He loves to be part of your daily routine including reading the paper, checking email, and making up a meal in the kitchen. He wants to be close and adores snuggle time. He favors the company of other Korats, but does well with other pets and is calm and patient with children. The Korat is somewhat vocal and loves a challenge. Teach him tricks, games, and more. Talk with your vet Riverbend, ON to learn more.


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