Prevailing Health Problems of Senior Cats

The quality of life, as well as the health of a cat, experiences an apparent deterioration as the cat gets older. This is the period when age-related medical problems set in and make a cat's life much harder. The following are just some of the health problems in senior cats that you need to seriously watch out for:


Many of the cats that have diabetes need to get injections of insulin on a regular or daily basis. This is needed to help improve or maintain the blood sugar level. The vet may prescribe some oral medicines and a pre-planned diet to help address the problem.

Skin tumors

Lumps and bumps can affect many senior cats as they get a lot older. You need to be wary of these and try to check your cat's body on a regular basis.


Hyperthyroidism is a health condition that affects the thyroid gland. In some cases, there is a tumor involved.

Signs of illness exhibited by your pet should require an appointment with your vet clinic New Orleans, LA


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