Poisons Affect Pets Differently

Did you know that different poisons can affect different pets in various ways? Some poisons may kill your pet mouse if ingested while the same poisons may simply make your dog or cat extremely ill (but not deathly ill). Poisons that you may use to kill ants or rats may cause severe damage to your household pets. It’s important to make sure when putting poisons out that you place them in areas that you are absolutely sure your dog and cat cannot access. If your dog or cat does get into the poison, remove them from the poison immediately and call your vet, poison control and/or emergency vet. Knowing what your pet ate and how much is extremely vital For instance, a 50 pound cat will not be affected by rat poison in the same manner a 10 pounds cat will be. Also, cats may react differently than dogs. Never assume your pet will be OK. Call your London, ON veterinary clinic immediately. Learn more here.


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