Does A Runny Nose Mean My Dog Is Ill?

Like humans, dogs also experience runny noses which can have a range of causes. One of the reasons why dogs have runny noses is emotions and should be nothing to worry about. Your dog might just have been overly excited, nervous, or anxious. Its runny nose will soon clear up as it calms down.

However, a clear nasal discharge dripping on your dog’s nostrils for hours should make you think of an ongoing upper respiratory infection. If there is prolonged nasal discharge lasting for days, there might already be an underlying health condition. This may require a trip to the vet’s clinic.

A runny nose could also be because your dog has an allergy. Exposure to allergens can activate a dog’s immune response leading to an allergic reaction. Allergies can manifest with watery nasal discharge. A variety of substances can act as allergens. Most of which are chemicals, medications, insects, pollen, or debris. Commonly associated symptoms are itching of the skin and scratching. Coordinate with your veterinarian and seek professional assistance. The priority is the removal of the offending agent or allergen to provide relief from its allergies.

Signs of illness should be brought to the attention of your local animal hospital Metairie LA


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