Some Causes of Pet Obesity

Similar to humans, pets that are overweight are at risk of developing severe health illnesses such as heart problems, kidney complications, diabetes, certain types of cancers, or osteoarthritis. Here are some pointers to help you avoid your pet from becoming obese. 

- Do not overindulge your pet with treats. Many pet owners mistake this habit of giving lots of treats or food to show love and affection to their pets. Overeating leads to gaining excess pounds and the accumulation of unwanted fats. 

- Engage your pet in physical activities such as playing or walking around the neighborhood or park. Being active helps your pet lose extra fats and maintain flexibility and strength.

Remember that being overweight is a result of both excessive food intake and lack of body movements. Have a visit to your animal hospital Rockville MD as well for a regular checkup to ensure your pet’s excellent health and wellbeing. 


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