Nail Grinding

Are you familiar with nail grinding? It’s another method for trimming your dog’s nails. Instead of trimming the nails with nail clippers, the nails are filed down with a grinding or filing tool. There are pros and cons to nail grinding a dog’s nails. For instance, pros include the fact that nail grinders can keep your dog’s nails smooth and reduce the risk of cutting into the quick of the nail. Nail grinding can also reduce scratching or scratch wounds to seniors and children. They also work well for dogs that have thick nails that don’t normally fit well in manual nail clippers. Some of the cons to nail grinding include that fact that it takes two to three times longer to grind nails down instead of cutting them. Unless the nail grinder has a safety bar, it’s still possible to cut too low on the nail. Talk to your vets Gresham, OR for more information.


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