Why Pet Rabbits Need Frequent Nail Trimming

Does your beloved pet rabbit have long nails? Have you ever cut or trim them before? You might not know it, but long nails can bring about problems, particularly when it comes to the mobility of your pet rabbit. Nail trimming must be added to your pet rabbit's grooming program on a regular basis. You should start this habit early on, ideally when your pet rabbit was much younger so he can get used to your handling of his paws as well as the actual nail trimming activity.

If you observe long enough, you might notice that your pet rabbit gets to trim his long nails naturally. If your pet rabbit spends a lot of time moving out and about outside his pet enclosure (in a pet-proofed room, an outdoor hutch, or elsewhere), he could be trimming his long nails naturally, especially if he moves along or plays on rough surfaces.

Know more about your pet’s grooming needs on your pet’s next visit to your vet Glen Ellyn IL.


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