Why Obese Cats Should Lose Weight Slowly

Losing weight in obese pets is suitable for their health to decrease the chances of developing serious illnesses. However, in overweight cats, pet owners should facilitate weight loss gradually. If done rapidly, weight loss can result in your cat acquiring hepatic lipidosis, more commonly known as fatty liver disease. When the body detects energy starvation during the weight loss process, the body uses the stored fats to produce the body’s needed energy. When the body breaks down the stored body fats rapidly, the liver becomes overwhelmed by the process, which results in the liver shutting down eventually. Ideally, obese cats should lose a maximum of half a pound per month. For cats that are moderately overweight, it is acceptable to lose a pound per month. Weight loss results in a much healthier pet if done the right way. To plan an effective and appropriate diet program for your pet, always consult your pet clinic in Fort Collins, CO.


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