Common Signs of Ear Infections in Dogs

Did you know that some dogs tend to scratch their ears, flap them with a shake of the head, and even ask for their owners to rub them when they are experiencing ear pain or discomfort. Not all dogs will do this though. In fact, some ear infections can affect your dog without you ever noticing. Small signs such as head shaking, ear scratching or even pulling away when the ear is touched usually appear first. If these signs are missed and the infection grows, the dog’s pain can increase as can the symptoms. Your dog may start to have trouble opening his mouth or having his head touched because of the severity of pain. If the ear infection reaches the inner ear, your dog may become dizzy, lose his balance, walk in continued circles or even start vomiting due to dizziness and pain. Always be aware of your dog’s behaviors and call your local veterinarians Pembroke Pines FL for assistance. 


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