Littermate Syndrome In Dogs

When you have a couple of dogs (two or more) that devote a substantial amount of time with each other, they can become susceptible to what is called Littermate Syndrome. Littermate Syndrome, otherwise known as Sibling Aggression or Littermate Aggression, is an informal term characterizing a host of potential behavioral problems that happen when "littermates" (or canine siblings) stay together far longer than the "8 to 10 week age" period. In other words, Littermate Syndrome is simply the result of puppy or littermate over-bonding. Littermate Syndrome is one of the key reasons why many responsible breeders, vets, animal trainers, as well as shelter officers, suggest that pet owners should never adopt or buy littermates or canine siblings. 

Every time you train two littermates at the same time, there's a chance that they will over-bond and become stressed out when they eventually part ways. Trauma and stress are often the results of Littermate Syndrome. 

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