Flea Allergy in Cats

Each cat can show one or more of several disparate reactions when they get attacked or deal with extremely bothersome fleas. A lot of cats that get bitten by fleas would suffer from skin irritations that are fairly minor, but some other cats could get into more trouble because of severe allergic reactions. In many cases, flea bites can make the day-to-day life of a cat (particularly a sensitive cat) miserable because the flea bites can begin a chain reaction of allergic responses which could include severe itching. Many cats itch frequently because of allergy from the small but mighty fleas. 

One indicator that a cat is suffering from flea allergy is when you see a cat scratching, chewing or biting, or licking a particular spot in their body (likely bitten or attacked by fleas). You should consider this situation seriously because it can lead to scabs, unintended hair loss, or sores if left untreated. 

Talk to your veterinarian Leesburg, VA about the best way to protect your pet against fleas and other parasites.


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