Does Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed ?

You might be one of those dog parents who find it enjoyable to fall asleep snuggling with your puppy. However, sharing your bed with your dog can have its downsides for both you and your dog. Like humans, dogs wouldn’t be too fond of being bothered in their slumber. When dogs are startled, they might instinctively snap or bite at you. And since it’s in a dog’s nature to be territorial, they could claim your bed which could lead to ‘area guarding’. This is another instance when your dog might snap at you. Aside from this, you could also risk injuring your dog if you’re the type who sleeps soundly at night, especially small dogs. 

There are strategies to help your dog get used to not sleeping in your bed. It might be hard at first because you can expect them to make their way to your bed or complain by whimpering and barking at you. But after a while, this should keep them off your bed, just don’t give in when they start to complain. Another idea is to have a crate in your bedroom and send them off to sleep there. You and your dog can still be the best buds even if you don’t share the same bed. 

It’s best to consider speaking with your pet clinic Jacksonville FL if you’re having trouble with how your pet is behaving.


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