The Bearded Collie

If you’re looking for a large, active fluffy and fun family dog then you may want to check out the Bearded Collie. Commonly referred to as Beardie, this 40 to 60 pounds canine is a ball of fur and love. The Bearded Collie is part of the herding family. He was originally bred for sheep and cattle herding. The Bearded Collie comes from Scotland. He’s known for his shaggy coat and lavish facial hair. He has a double coat and closely resembles an Old English Sheepdog. The sheepdog is smart, charismatic, and even whimsical. They can get bored easily so routine exercise and consistent training is highly recommended. They were bred to make their own decisions so a bit of a stubborn streak is to be expected. Overall, they are a loyal breed that does well with animals and children. If you’d like to learn more, give your London, ON vet a call.


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