Top Mistakes Made By Cat Owners

Just like any pet, cats have basic needs that their owners should be ready to meet adequately. Here are some common mistakes that cat owners should steer clear of; take note that even experienced cat owners can also make any of these mistakes:

“Owning” your cat

A cat is not a property and you can no more “own” a cat than you can own another person.


Declawing can be very painful for cats. It is a permanent surgical procedure that should never be recommended except in very special cases as evaluated by an expert. There are better and more humane options to declawing and you should try to explore each thoroughly before choosing to have your cat declawed. 

Choosing quantity over quality when buying pet food

Premium quality pet food certainly costs higher than low quality cat food. 

You should seek professional help from your Lafayette, LA veterinary clinic if you have any concerns about your pet.

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