Bonding With Your Pet Sugar Glider

Bonding with pet sugar gliders is significant in establishing a relationship where both pets and pet owners feel more comfortable and safe with each other. Bonding will help sugar gliders thrive in their new environment. 

Gliders have different attributes. It is easier to bond with a young glider but still possible to have a relationship with an adult one. Allow them first to get used to their new environment-- with their cage, unfamiliar smells, and noises around the house. You may put your clothes you’ve been wearing overnight in their sleeping pouch to get your pet used to your scent. Carrying your pet in a bonding pouch or even inside your shirt pocket with a flap is useful in the bonding process. While inside, your pet will feel warm and comfortable. It’s a great place for a glider to relax. The zippered closure also keeps your pet safe. Rewarding treats like putting yogurt honey in your hand, and spending time together also helps. 

Your pet will benefit from regular health and wellness checks at your animal medical clinic Middletown, DE. 


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