Hypomotility in Rabbits

Hypomotility (which is also called gastrointestinal stasis or GI tract stasis) in rabbits is defined by minimal or zero movement in the GI tract of rabbits. Hypomotility can bring about specific extreme and lethal health problems. The most common rabbits that are affected by hypomotility are those that are older rabbits, particularly middle-aged rabbits. Having said that, hypomotility can happen to any rabbit, regardless of sex, age, or even breed. GI tract stasis or hypomotility can happen based on specific factors, such as overfeeding with food or pellets with high carbohydrate content, underfeeding with hay, as well as inappropriate feeding diet. In other cases, sweet foods, a diet that is made of commercial pellets, as well as excessive eating of cereals can put a rabbit at risk of getting GI tract stasis. Moreover, anything or any situation that can make a rabbit stop eating can lead to GI tract stasis. 

A change in your pet’s appetite or eating habits should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian Louisville, KY immediately. Read more here.


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