Nutritional Needs Of Dogs

Like all pets, dogs deserve and need to consume a diet that is complete, fit for a specific life stage, as well as rich in the right nutrients. We mentioned the diet must also be specific to a certain life stage because each life stage of a dog varies in terms of needs as well as requirements in terms of fats, carbohydrates, oil, minerals, protein, vitamins, as well as fats. Water is also important for pets including our beloved furry canine friends. Like humans, the body of dogs is also full of water: approximately 60 percent water, in fact. Are you aware of that? All those mentioned above have their own functions and effects on the body of the dog, including a dog's growth. That is why more pet owners are now shying away from dog food products that are richly laden with a lot of artificial ingredients. 

Your veterinarian care Louisville, KY is a valuable source of information about your pet’s diet and nutritional needs.


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