Tips To Keep Your Pet Bird Safe

Birds are delicate creatures and having one in your home entails that you observe certain precautions to keep your feathered friend safe and healthy. Bird-proofing your house is a must. There are just so many things, some of which are not so obvious, that could put your pet’s life in danger. Overhead fans, uncovered glass windows, mirrors, and open pots on top of the stove are just some of the potential hazards that a pet bird may be exposed to. You should also be careful of over-exposing your pet to direct sunlight. They do need their daily dose of the sun’s UV rays but they should have easy access to shade. Birds are also extremely sensitive to smoke. Adverse reactions can occur in their respiratory passages as a result of smoke inhalation. Smoking should not be allowed near the cage or enclosure of your pet bird. If you do smoke, be sure to wash your hands and change your clothes before handling your pet. 

Make an appointment with your pet clinic in Cherry Hill, NJ if you notice any sign of illness exhibited by your pet.


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