Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

If you own a dog or have been around dogs then you’ve probably noticed how much or how little dogs wag their tails. Have you ever wondered why they wag their tails? Some believe dogs wag their tail in order to communicate. In general, dogs tend to wag their tails when they are happy or feel relaxed. When a dog wags his tail; however, it does not necessarily mean he is friendly and should be approached or pet on. Dogs also wag their tails when they are agitated, annoyed or even angry. Tail wagging communicates a variety of messages. For instance, when dogs are young they may wag their tail as a way of surrender to the other pups they are playing with. Dogs may also wag their tails to get attention or to beg for food. It’s a good idea not to judge a dog just by his tail! If you are concerned, visit this site, or give your pet clinic Tampa, FL a call.


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