Is Mushroom Toxic to Dogs?

Whether or not you grow mushrooms in your garden or the backyard, mushrooms can appear in odd places around your garden or the entire house. Like many species of plants, there are kinds of mushrooms that are fully harmless or edible and there are others that are toxic or harmful to humans and/or pets like dogs and cats. Since there are literally thousands of species of mushrooms out there, it is quite difficult to pinpoint all the harmless ones from the toxic or harmful types.

Mushrooms that come from the Amanita family are considered harmful types. One of the types that belong to the Amanita family and has a fish-like odor is called the "death cap", and this is one you should be aware of because dogs are quite attracted to them. Other families of mushrooms you need to be careful of are those that belong to the Lepiota and Galerina families.

Seek immediate medical intervention from your vets Bourne, MA if your pet is showing signs of toxicity.


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