Feather Plucking in Birds

It is perfectly normal for birds to pluck their own feathers for a host of reasons when they are living in their natural habitats. Plucking of feathers by birds is usually brought about by the natural physiological process of renewal and plucking of feathers usually happens when birds groom or preen (positioning their feathers, among others) themselves. In other cases, birds like to pluck their feathers in order to line their nests with feathers when the mating season arrives.

Having said that, the situation is different when a bird is captive or is a pet living inside a house (specifically inside an enclosure). When a bird is plucking the feathers and not preening, this may be caused by a health problem, nutritional problem, or a lifestyle or environmental problem. Plucking in this case can be unhealthy and destructive and this could bring about infections and even other more severe complications.

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