Kids and Kittens

If you have small children and you are bringing a new kitten into the home there will definitely need to be some ground rules set to keep your children and the kitten safe. Here are a few suggestions. The first rule should most likely be that young children are not allowed to pick up the kitten without an adult’s supervision. You may also want to take the extra time to show your young children the best way to pick up, hold, and carry a kitten. Remind them that the kitten is just a baby and is very delicate. He’s still growing and he could break very easily. Play time should also be supervised to ensure that the children aren’t overly rough with the kitten as well as to make sure the kitten doesn’t bite or scratch the children. You’ll be on scene to discipline the children or the kitten if needed. Learn more from your vet clinic Hillsborough County, FL. Or set an appointment at this website Animal Alternatives.


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