Teething in Kittens

Did you know that kittens can go through a teething stage just like human babies do? If your kitten is having trouble chewing or is chewing constantly and perhaps even drooling, then he could be teething. If you’re not sure then give your vet a call to schedule a checkup. Typically, a kitten’s teeth usually start to come in when she is about two weeks old. Different teeth come in at different times so the usual teething process could last through six weeks of age. Signs that your kitten is teething include sore gums, irritability, mouth shyness, lack of interest in playing or loss of appetite. Try to avoid playing rough with your cat during this time and avoid toys that she may play with in her mouth. Also remember to feed her soft foods and even consider buying her a kitty teething ring or allowing her to chew on a cool, damp washcloth. Consult with your vet clinic Westminster MD for more details. 


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