Does Your Pet Snake Need a Vet?

Snakes are not a lot like other pets in that they don’t really need to go the vet all that much. Even so, you should still have a vet for your snake. In fact, after purchasing or adopting your snake, make a first time visit with your vet. This can allow your vet to look over your pet snake and note any illnesses or things already wrong with the snake. By doing this, if you have to bring your turtle in later to see the vet then the vet will already have a basic medical record to go by for your snake. In addition, there are a few common ailments that first time snake owners may face including mites, worms, incomplete sheds, and lack of appetite come up. Notify your veterinarians Dallas GA to find out how the best way to treat your snake and to set up a first time medical record for you snake. 


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