Dogs and Routines

Did you know that every day routines can be important to dogs just like they are to people? Routines in general can help create order, direction, a sense or purpose and even a sense of stability for people and for their dogs. We tend to like things planned out and scheduled so we know what to expect. Dogs tend to like this way of thinking too. If your pet seems a little stressed or uneasy, ask yourself if his routine has changed. Dogs especially enjoy the security of knowing what’s expected of them every day. They adjust to a walk in the morning followed by breakfast and nap time. When that changes, your pet may panic or become upset. If your dog suddenly stops eating, think about the day she’s had and ask yourself what has changed. Try changing whatever that might be ‘back’ to what it was to see if that helps. Talk with your veterinarians Lakeville MN too.


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