Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are hybrids of the Asian Leopard Cat and certain domestic feline breeds including the Bombay, Abyssinians, Egyptian Mau, Ocicats, and British Shorthairs. The striking appearance of their thick soft hair coats and long lets got them the name ‘living room leopards’.  They are, however, a fully domesticated breed with the most outgoing personalities.

Bengals are very affectionate and bursting with energy. They tend to take things further, test their boundaries. In fact, they can engage in activities that stimulate them physically and mentally for several hours without getting tired or grumpy. Bengals are very social creatures and are often used as therapy cats. They don’t have any temperament issues. They are very friendly and are always eager to be the first one to greet guests at the door.

Bring your cat to your best veterinarian Lafayette, LA for regular check-ups.


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