Separation Anxiety May Trigger Bad Behaviors In Dogs

Dogs usually develop a special bond with their owners. However, this attachment turns into anxiety when they get separated from their owners. Dogs exhibit their separation anxiety in many ways. These include excessive barking, destructiveness, becoming quiet or inappropriate urination, and defecation.

Pre-departure activities are the typical triggers of the dog’s anxiety. The dog will start feeling distressed when it sees the owner grab the keys, open the door, or get the briefcase. These pre-departure activities signal to the dog that the owner is leaving soon. Managing separation anxiety in pet dogs involves undertaking changes to the routines at home. Pet owners can also employ some techniques that can help ease the dog’s nervousness such as by ignoring any attention-seeking behavior before departure, until such a time that the dog is already used to the separation.

Always consult your veterinarian Ellicott City MD for advice on behavioral training or a referral to a behavioral specialist. 


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