Understanding Behavior Problems in Chinchillas

Chinchillas are social animals by nature. They can be friendly, especially those that have experienced positive interaction with humans at a young age. However, those that have limited or had harmful contact with people may display troublesome behaviors. Among those behavior problems include pressure biting and urine spraying.

Pressure biting

Chinchillas show their affection to humans by nibbling, which is a good sign. However, when they are seeking attention or feeling enormously stressed and scared, chinchillas can become unfriendly creatures as they sink their teeth into one’s skin. This type of behavior may persist if not addressed right away. 

Urine spraying

This unwanted habit targets humans nearby who are viewed by chinchillas as a threat or aggressor. Urine spraying is commonly exhibited by female chinchillas when they feel stressed or threatened. Behavior interventions are introduced to discipline chinchillas that frequently display this type of negative habit. 

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